Friday, October 3, 2008


Today I had to pick up my teenage daughter from High School for a doctors appointment. Let me tell you it brought me back to the high school days. I don't know how that time of your life was for you, but for me it was not pleasant.

When I went to the attendance office, they told me that she was in lunch and that I would have to go there to find her. They got me an aide to show me the way. This High School is slightly larger than a baseball stadium! We came to this 2nd story overlook and there were about 300 teenagers having lunch. We had to walk down this huge staircase that comes directly into the mass of humanity. (Think an entrance like Titanic staircase, except no Leonardo DiCaprio, no romance ((except for the raging teenage hormones)) . I was the big notice of the moment and it immediately made me feel like I was 16 again. There were table of cliques, tables of cheerleaders, ripped jeans, eyeshadow, and hair gel galore. As everyone stared I thought to myself "that's OK...I'm an adult...I'm a cool young mom." Then I became aware of my stinky workout clothes,straight from the gym, my bedhead, and my drooling baby on my hip. (Isn't amazing how your old insecurities can just rise right back up!) An older man came over to me and asked me what I was needing. Then the horrifying moment came to light as I realized that he had a microphone, and planned to use it. There I stood in the center,as this guy called my daughter's name over and over. The bell rang and everyone ignoring him, and eyeing me up and down, got up and like cattle crammed to the steps. I saw bisexual teens, blue dyed streaks in their hair, football players, and kids dressed in black from the top of their dyed hair to bottom of their combat high heels. All I could think was "Thank God I am not in high school anymore."

Come to find out Tatum wasn't even in that lunch...the attendance lady had it wrong! Back up the staircase and to the front hall to wait for her.
Now don't get me wrong, we live in a fantastic small country town. The schools are great, and I am pro public. I guess it's just that age...when you are trying to find yourself, you are trying to fit in, you are growing up and starting to make your own decisions, you are defining who you are, you are figuring out what you stand for, and all the while puberty is reeking havoc on your body. I think it was good that (for a minute) these old feelings came back so that when Tatum walks through the door, I can remember more closely who and what she is. That she is growing up and has her own day full of trials and tribulations.

I just cross my fingers that we can continue being so lucky with her...she is such a good kid. Good heart..honest..loving...gets great grades...loves her family and GOD. I just am so thankful that I've paid my dues and am an adult now.

See you on the other side one day Tate!! Hang in there baby girl!

(After my daughter read this blog entry, it became the discussion at the dinner table.
Tatum: "mom hates high school. She wasn't cool."
Jake: "Is that true mom?? Weren't you one of the cool kids??"
Me: *stammer..loss of words* "It's not that I wasn't's just I hung out with the wrong crowd."
Tatum: "That why I'm here Jake."
Me: *speechless*

((note to all. Tatum was born right after my senior year. She know this information, and apparently it has given her tremendous intelligence, and clout))