Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer the helper

The time had come for my grandma ( my mom's mom) to be moved from assisted living to the real deal in nursing homes. It was a sensitive topic, and one that needed to be done, but dreaded all the same.

The facility she is in, the move luckily just meant a move to a different wing. But I'm sure to grandma, it might as well felt like a complete uprooting.

The approach that was decided upon, because of her worry, old age, and forgetfulness, would be to tell her after she was all settled into her new place. My mom was overwhelmed with all the doing of such and switching over a much larger room into such a smaller space. The dilemma was how to keep grandma busy, and out of witnessing what could be an upsetting thing.

In to the picture comes the one shining light of grandmas eye.


As Mom put it best, I was just the driver, LOL. When we walked in I was barely acknowledged (who knows if she even knew who I was or even cared;) She exclaimed "there is that precious little girl" and immediately tried to pick her up! (she always tries to do this! I always drop my bags and scoop up Summer's weight and try to help her "pick her up", lol)

They had a very busy time of blowing bubbles. Grandma was sooo sticky by the end it was ridiculous. I think she would jump rope if that baby asked her too!

Summer waggeled her tail, and did a little dance.

She made all her animal sounds for her.

They watched the birds.

Then the family came and explained to grandma about her new room, and where she would now be staying.

I think Summer helped bridge that hard gap a little today. It sure is hard getting older. They looked out at grandma's new view and let it soak in some.

And smelled her plastic violets.

Summer say they "smell good" :)