Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trying to Pack!

This is my pain in the butt{{ahem}} I mean beautiful cousin Natalee. No really, besides the picture up top, she really is the best. She is one of my super most favorite people in the world. She lives in Florida and is a tough as nails nurse in a Miami hospital. She is so fun to be with, but unfortunately, I don't get to be with her near enough. (remember the anniversary post...she is the one who met us on the beach when we renewed our vows:) But next week I am packing up the kids and meeting her and Karen in the Cherokee mountains of North Carolina to spend a few days with her!!!! Yay!!!

Campfires, tubing, hiking, Oh I can't wait!! It is so hard getting this house packed up to go...phew!! 6 people out the door for church was hard, but this is putting me to the test!

***note...I was 14 in that picture Nat. I am stronger now, and you are old. I bet I could take ya! Lol!