Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank Goodness the Heat Wasn't On

This is our house....
This is the air vent that belongs in our house...
This is what we found in the air vent looking back up at us that belongs in our house....
No I am not kidding, and yes everyone involved is okay. (all animals used in this are in a reenactment!) When it happened I did not say...."hmmm go get my camera, this will make a cute post:)" I said "OH MY GOSH! THE FREAKING KITTEN IS INSIDE THE AIR VENT!!!! WHO THE HELL PUT HER IN HERE!!"

No One is fessing up right now, but I have my suspects.
Suspect A.

aannndd Suspect B.

(I am leaning towards B. He does admit he took off the top to the one in the Dining Room (a different room) and then later put the top back on. But that would have meant that the kitten would have gotten in there and climbed through the walls of the house to be found in the Red Room. Hmm. She was covered in spiderwebs and dust! I am just thankful that there are no dead kitty's in our walls!)