Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today I got my package!!!! I had signed up to do the Mamarazzi's Favorite thing swap and the partner I was assigned was a girl named Vivienne. I went right over to "meet" her and have not stopped laughing since. She is so fun to read, and I have really enjoyed getting to know her.
She sent me some beautiful things (they are her favorites you know:)
*A Martini Recipe Book- I have never had a martini before, but I am soo sold on the idea. I told Mike, we are going to go all out and buy a set so we can learn to make some of these things the right way! He said "those git ya drunk reel quick", so I think I'm going to have to take it slow:)
*Pear Scented Candle-This thing smelled so darn good, I wanted to go eat something just baked and sweet. Oh my. I can't wait to burn it.
*Silver and Black Frames- I am a frame nut, so Viv, we have that in common!
*Vintage Fruit Labels- I love these! I think I am actually going to frame some of them and hang them in my laundry room. They will match great.
*Scented Soap-already hidden from Tatum.
*Little Notebooks- I had to laugh when I saw these, because I too, and a massive OCD list maker. I just am not as organized as you Vivienne and keep my notes in cute little books. They are on scraps of paper all throughout the house.
But I can try this too lol! Live and learn.
*Refrigerator Notepad-This will be used up by June:)
*Vanilla Bean Noel Cream-hidden from Tatum again.
*Cocoa-Hidden from the boys.
*Note cards- I too, write thank yous by hand alot. My mama raised me right. These will be put to good use.
*Ribbon-Oh my. I'll try! I make a great gift bag!
*Monogram-I LOVE IT! I think you have started a new collection for me too!
Thank you, thank you Vivienne! That was so fun! And if we ever get to meet in real life, I will make you the meanest martini ever!
(and we can go get Tats if you want...kay??)