Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Fest

This past weekend our family got to go to what is called "Holiday Fest" at our local theme park "The Beach"waterpark. I know, a waterpark in in the winter months, they try to make some revenue and have Holiday fest. Since we were season park ticket holders this year we went. There were ups and downs like there are on every outing with our family (please tell me it is not just us) so I will spare you all the details and tell you only the good and leave you with the impression of the happy family we strive to be:)
One of the big water slides that no longer is in order they have turned into a "sled" ride. They stacked hay at the bottom and let you climb to the top and go down it on a plastic sled. Completely unsafe I think. I don't know how this ever passed any kind of code. But I grabbed my plastic Walmart .99 cent sled and climbed the 200 rickety wooden steps to the top with Tatum and Matty while Mike and the babies (Jake and Summer) waited at the bottom. There were duel slides, and as it was Tatum and my turn to go, I turned to her and said " I'm gettin kind of nervous now Tate!" Do you know what that hormonal (yes mother nature is here with a vengeance) teenager said to me to qualm her mother's fear? "Well, that's really not my problem, now is it mom!", and with that hopped on her slide and slid down!
I had fun anyways, and screamed the whole way down.
We then went to a petting area. I could not believe my children. These are children of a mother who studied 2 years of Animal Science and Management!! They have grown up with animals spilling out of the house!! They were all like...eww. They smell. Umm yeah. I don't really want to touch that. What!!!! Get in the Christmas spirit people! NOW! They tried.

Summer was interested, but when a baby cow got a little wild,and when Mike's back was turned, took a big ol lick up her face, that did it. She was D. O. N. E.

The fun part was getting to feed the baby a bottle, we each took a turn, but we had to hurry because those babies drink FAST!

This guy was a character, I wonder what was going on in his ornery head.

All in all the bunny was the biggest (safest) hit.
We then got to take paddle boats on the Lazy Miami. The boys took one, and Mike and Tate paddled ours while Sum and I sat in back and enjoyed the ride.

It was too funny sending the boys off in their own boat. They were a couple ahead of us, and we had no way of helping them. They were turning in circles and blocking traffic, I'm sure they have stories they are not sharing with us.