Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the Season..

This is the season, I'll tell you. It has arrived. The season for colds. and coughs. and ear infections. and stomach bugs. notices from school about {{lice!}}. notices from school about whooping cough. snot. boogers. Vick's. chapstick. Kleenex. vaporizers. The constant coughs you hear in the night through the kids rooms. The "don't share hat's at school" speech I give every day. The snoring husband you kick all night long because he is congested.

It is that time of year again.

I combat it as hard as I can. But with 6 people going 6 directions each day, I am battling a lost cause. By Spring, I will be beaten down, but the fight is still in me now. I stock my cart with antibacterial weapons to the brim, and in good camraderie share each ailment that enters the house of coarse.

But even the best of us have moments, where we it slips through the cracks. Last week Mike and I went Christmas shopping for the kids while they were at school. We only had to take Summer with us, and she ain't telling any secrets. We drove up to Dayton, and went to Toys R Us (Lord help us). Summer has had a constant runny nose, and by constant, I mean...think RUNNING FAUCET! People were rude. The place was busy. Summer was in rare form, and her nose was a runnin.

I had no Kleenex. Mike had no Kleenex. There was no bathroom within a mile. It was dripping.

There was no waiting. I didn't really give a crap by this point in my day, so...swipe! I swiped her nose and (I know this is gross, but desperate times call for desperate measure) put it in my coat pocket. Since this worked so well...I continued to use this procedure until we could get to better circumstances. I promised myself I would throw my coat in the washer when we got home.

Well you know how life is. Especially getting home from another town with a toddler and a car full of presents that need to be wrapped and hidden, with 3 other kids getting home from school soon. Yup, you guessed it. The coat took a back burner.

Fast forward to this Sunday in church. Here I am a singin, and Summer is dancin, and I'm all lovein God, and feeling good about everything, and I look down and I realize I am wearing the booger coat! Yes!! My pockets were filled with dried Summer boogers. I totally grossed myself out, and whispered to Mike who of coarse was all "Eww..get away from me!" As I type this I am laughing, because I realize that I still have not washed that coat!

So much for staying on top of things~