Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Taste of Becky's House

**While driving behind my husband in our other car on a long country drive, when we reached a spot to stop for lunch, my 7 year old hops out of his dad's car very excited and ran to me. I said What's up buddy? Did you like the drive?" He said " won't believe what I saw..

1 dead opossum
and 1 light tower!"
I would pay to get into that random mind and see how it works

**My 11 year old got very sassy with me the other day. He does not know when to stop, and it got to the point of major disrespect and needed to be dealt with. I (for the 1st time ever!) smacked him across the face, and told him he was NEVER to talk to me that way again. I sent him to his room.

Later that night, it was just me and him in the car going to the grocery store, and I approached the subject, and said I was sorry it had to come to that.
He said "That's okay mom! But I couldn't hear out of my one ear for a while"
What a way to make a mom feel miserable!

**Summer woke up the other night, crying for me. Mike went and got her. When he brought her back she was clutching her big plastic baby doll. I kind of growled at Mike that did he have to bring the baby doll? He said "Oh yes...she was adamant about having it."
For the rest of the night I had to not only accommodate my 1year in bed with me, and my snoring husband, but to have this hard plastic baby doll rammed in my face. What's that you say?? Why didn't I move it? Well I tried, but Summer screeched if I tried to move it an inch. Those little plastic toes dug into my gut all night!

** Tatum and I went shopping for clothes. I found a top I LOVED but it only came in a small junior. I had her try it on because it was so cute. Of coarse it fit her to a T and she wanted it. (the top she is wearing in our family pictures)
I said darn you Tate, you are just like me but smaller, prettier, and younger! She said "yeah...and I'm not stuck in a marriage!"
Ummm..yeah. Gotta love those 15 year olds.

**Summer sits in the back seat in her car seat and calls "Mom! Mom!" I say "yes, baby?" She says (in her garbled baby voice)"You my momma???" I say "yes, honey...I'm your momma." Then again "Mom....Mom....MOMMIE!" I say "yes, Summer?" She says "You my momma?" and so on and so on and SO ON. I wish I could tape record it, it is so cute. A little annoying...she goes on until I'm thinking it's not so cute anymore, but one day I know I will think back on it and wish I could do it again.