Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

To me, Christmas Eve is as special as Christmas Day. It is like two days of celebrations. When I was little, my grandma and grandpa would come over and it was big excitement. They would celebrate with the 4 of, dad, me and Tim. Now that we are grown with families of our own, Christmas Eve is still that special time for us. We pack up our families and go over to moms house to have dinner and presents. With all the grand kids (I supplied my mom with 4, and my brother with 3, plus a great grand baby an one more in the works!) it is busy and fun and LOUD! We have added many, but lost many too on the way. My dad is no longer here, and neither is Grandpa. But though the core of us is small, we have branched out quite large now.
I cannot even begin to do a post on my brother. Maybe someday. But today, I will simply put that I love him tremendously, and he about made my heart burst tonight when he gave me this for Christmas.
I think this will be my favorite gift this year. This is something that I would give to others, but I was completely taken aback when it was thought of to be given to me. He took the time to make this for me and I love him so much. Thanks Timmy.

Here is the whole motley crue. I don't remember exactly what Mike was saying at the time, but he was being rotten about getting his picture taken, and saying goofy stuff.
So my kiddys are of to bed with sugar plums dancing in their heads, and Mike and I are off to assemble one of these......

I hope we get it done before the kids wake up in the morning!