Monday, January 5, 2009


Something I have done through the years is kept all my calendars. I am almost phobic due to a horrible memory. I keep photographs almost sacred in an attempt to help me remember my babies childhood, because I feel I have forgotten so much of mine. My calendars help me remember the stuff you think I would NEVER forget...the everyday stuff. But you know what? Some pretty profound stuff has happened mixed in that everyday stuff. The one year that really was a crazy busy year that is a hoot to look at is way back in 1993. For you new readers the background goes that as a teenager in High School I fell in love with Mike. Head over heels..hard!
Oh yeah, and he was 28, and I was pregnant and this all happened within 3 months. But anywhoo...
We started dating in November of 1992, and by Christmas we were engaged, so by the New Year I had gotten this very cool Elvis Calendar, that became not only the brunt of our jokes, but was the beginning of documentation of our lives together.
That plus sign you see on February 6th was when we found out I was pregnant. Pretty funny if you notice what is written on February 18th!

There in March I turned 18, and we were counting the weeks of pregnancy. The heart on the 7th was because our 1st date was on Nov 7th, so the 7th was always special then. You know you counted months in the beginning!

Gotta love Elvis in his uniform! Vacation was our makeshift belated honeymoon to Key West. Driven the whole way baby! We didn't care! We were livin on love then. Everything was fun, if I was with Mike.

May 21st there is the Senior picnic at my school. I was graduating High School. I was so glad to be done. I had been done with that part of my life for awhile now. I had found a new spot to be.

July 26th...moved into our new trailer. YEEE HAW~!!! We were so excited we ran from end to end of it laughing!

October 17th. Tatum Winter born.

Oh poor Elvis was getting fat here.
What a long time ago that seems. I have kept 2008's. I wonder when that will seem old to me?