Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am NOT a Shrimp

Today was Summer's first day of swim lessons at the local YMCA. They group the children in categories by ages and swim levels, and the name these levels different types of fish. Summer was designated to the "shrimp" class, so bright and early off we went.
We got her swim diaper and her bathing suit on. Mike said he would do the class with her so I could take some pictures. She was checking everything out pretty thoroughly, but loves water, and all looked good.
Then they were told to sit on the wall. Aaa...1st problem. Summer did not want to sit on the wall. She was nervous about this and wanted to sit on Mike's lap.

Then, heaven forbid, they wanted them to put on a floaty belt. She did not wish to conform to their rules. She did not want a floaty belt. She did not want a floaty belt to touch her. She especially did not want the teacher to help her put the unwanted floaty belt on. OH NO!
" I am NOT a shrimp!!!!"

"I am Not a Shrimp!!!"
" I AM NOT A SHRIMP!!!!!!!"

After they made a special allowance for her not to wear one (the only kid in the class) she calmed down some. Thank Goodness Daddy rocks, because he tried so hard to make it fun. Here he is singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

And here is when the babies go "wah wah wah" on the bus that go all through the town.

(see all the blue safety belts everyone has but Sum!)

She lightened up enough to blow some bubbles.
and kinda, maybe float, some!
They even did the Hokey Pokey!

Thanks Dad!

I"ll do better next week!