Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day Math

One SnowBound Day Equals

Four Kids home from school.

One "log" floating in the baby's bath.

One Baby gettin a shower.

Eight loads of laundry.

Zero showers for Mom.

Thirty-Six Hershey kisses for Mom.

Two snow shovels in the yard.

One nap for Baby.

Two litter boxes cleaned out.

One 7 year old happy with Moon Sand.

One 11 year old Mad he's still grounded from D.S.

One 15 year old we still have yet to see come out of her room!

One cat that got vomited on by baby.

One Ice Storm headed our way:(

Twenty five days till Cancun!

Two times the dishwasher has ran.

One husband out working in this mess.

Fifty percent chance they won't have school again tomorrow.....