Friday, January 30, 2009

Smiling Jesus

It is now day three of Snow days for my kids, and I have sunk to a new level of mean mom. I am starting to not like myself.

My sweet husband toughed it out and took the old deathtrap van today, so I could have the 4 wheel drive. I at least was able to get out of the house some, and one of the boys had basketball practice, while the other one's was cancelled.

I have really struggle with my daily bible reading, mainly with the Old Testaments. I cling to the New Testament, and drag myself through the Old. I get through the assignment each day, but I feel lacking and like I am not fitting in or understanding what I should. I just don't agree with so much in the Old Testament it is unsettling. Does anyone else out there feel the same way?

One thing I stick with is the love I have and know. These are some beautiful pencil drawings from Jean Keaton. They are how I picture Jesus. Laughing and smiling.