Friday, January 2, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Tonight I had a date.

I had to fight off other suitors.

They were not happy.

I felt bad...for a minute.

The date was with me. Holed up in my bedroom. From 9p.m. to midnight. I watched a morbidly depressing show on a man who weighed 1035 pounds. They had to cut the doorway just to fit the stretcher out the door. I invested a whole hour into watching Dr's and nurses fight for his life back, and the last five minutes was him getting to go home to his family who was eating fast food, where the 5 month old grandbaby was holding a greasy french fry.

I actually hid under my blanket when then kids came in and begged me to play the "family" game we were suppose to play. It got ugly for a minute.

I made a mad dash at one point to the kitchen for a snack and a pop, and Mike bounded after me like a sweet playful friend. It fell on deaf ears, and I quickly retreated.

I needed to be in a funk. Alone. Not touched. I'm sorry. Can I just suck as a person really bad not normal suck, but really just SUCK for an evening PLEASE!

Sorry guys. My date will be over soon. I needed this. I love you.