Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sugar Gliders

Tatum got to spend the night over at her friend Amanda's this weekend, and got to see her new pets. They are called Sugar Gliders and are so cute! They are similar to like a flying squirrel.
She had two of them and their names were Bella and Daisy.

They are nocturnal and they had to order them special. They originate from Australia?? are from there. Do you know any thing about these little guys??
Here is one above all tucked away in Tatum's pocket. It crawled in there itself and got all snuggly.

This was the coolest part I thought. Look at the sides. The ripple like elastic furry skin used to spread out to glide with.

They were so sweet and let me bring in the whole Motley Crue to hold and pet them.

Here we are trying to give it a little snack of applesauce.

Looks at those big beautiful eyes!
I have never even heard of such and animal! How very cool....