Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Verdict Is In

Today we had our follow up visit with the ear specialist. We also had a hearing test done on Summer's ears. At least it helped us ease our minds on the decision we had to make.
She has hearing loss in both ears. They also did some kind of test to see if they would respond inside in a normal manner, and they did not move at all (a normal response would have been movement inside) due to fluid build-up.
The good news is they were able to test her hearing behind all that fluid and there is NO PERMANENT hearing loss yet. Wwhheww!! Thank Goodness!

She is scheduled for surgery on February 9th. Please keep us in your prayers that day. I have heard that it is a breeze, and simple, and you will be in and out.....but you can't tell that to a mother's worry!