Thursday, January 28, 2010

Button, Button, Who's Got The Button

So today was the big day. The big surgery day for Mike. If you need a catch up you can read here.
We were told to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, so that meant we got up at 4:10 am. {{yawn!}} It was a cold cold morning of only 28 degrees as we scraped snow off the windshield, drug the garbage cans to the curb, and left the house full of sleeping children. (Tatum stayed to get the boys on their buses, and my mom relieved her at 8 am, and then she went in a little late to school)
Mike was leery, but still feeling jovial was told to take off everything and put on such an attractive hospital gown. One he delighted in not being discreet with his open legs.
Then came the super cute bootee socks with grippers on top AND bottom.
Lookin smexy.
When the shower cap hat was snapped on he was starting to catch on that this boat was leaving the dock, and was asking where his keys were.
By the time an IV was put in his arm, he ever so seriously looked at me and tried to have the discussion of how he didn't feel it was quite necessary to have this surgery yet, and weren't we being a bit rash??

Poor Guy.

I kissed his head and he was wheeled off. For hours I waited until I got to talk to the doctor.

Interestedly enough...this is what he told me.

a) the original hernia and screen were still in tack.
b) there was a new tear below the old hernia that had to be repaired
c)they had to "dig around" alot, so he would be sore, and there would be alot of swelling
d)he put a new wire mesh over the new hernia AND over the old one to secure the area


e)he removed a "wart like piece of fatty flesh", and had cut it off


wait a minute...I had to clarify this. I asked him if he meant on the inside of his stomach or on the outside. Oh no, he assured me, it was a ball of skin on the outside of his belly button.


His belly button ball. The ball in his belly button. I must of sounded like an idiot saying this five times to clear it with the man, but from my previous post, if you know my husband, he is NUTS about his belly button being touched, and to have the button in there CUT OFF is going to send him over the edge.

The edge.

They cut if off people!

He said they sent it away, so apparently it was an abnormal growth, but it has been there, just a cute little ball ever since I've known Mike.

So....I finally get to go see him, and well...he is recovering. It took us alot longer to leave the hospital than we thought because he was in so much pain, but they put like a girdle around him and that has really helped. He finally is home now, and I hope we get through the night okay. The kids are being great.

He is getting some of his humor back...He just told me he doesn't think he's going to make it into work tonight :)