Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dead Man Walking

My brother is rotten. When self contained it's kind of cute. Funny. Admirable even. My kids LOVE Uncle Timmy. He is the BEST! He is full of creative crazy fun ideas and does the most wonderful things. He does NOT live or think inside the box.

I do.

I like boxes.

When Uncle Timmy does something he does it to the beat of his own drum. Examples??? Hmm...Let's say building a true to form wigwam in his back yard...walking the Appalachian trail....growing plethora of vegetables in a garden when he won't eat ONE.

Now when Uncle Timmy gives gifts at Christmas I cringes. Messy. Goopy. Explosive.

This year he's dead.

(I'm coming for you Tim!)

It wasn't until a day later that I saw one of the gifts he gave 12 yo Jake. They are called Thunder Snaps. In lay mans terms SELF EXPLOSIVE LADY FINGERS. As in NO FIRE NEEDED. Kind of like a pop-it on crack.

Oh joy:)

Just throw them down and KA-BOOM!!!