Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Week Of W's

WHITE STUFF- Tomorrow it is coming. Five to eight inches the last I heard. It is suppose to start around 5 a.m. You never know what kind of weather you will get in Ohio. But usually if snow comes it comes in January and February. Not so much around the holidays when I wish it would:{ After this I think I'm ready for Spring:)

WEIRD- Have you met my son Jake?? Yup. We are so proud. For years my husband would joke that the short bus would be coming for him...then it started not being so funny....

(Him trying on Matthew's swim cap for swim team just to see if he could get it over his golden locks)
I was updating my album and I found these pictures from last Summer. Apparently Jake found the camera and learn how to set the timer on it. His goal was to catch himself MID AIR.

WHATS IN THE DARK- The other morning Tatum got up for school (she gets up really early like 5:30). I had had trouble sleeping that night because of Mike's snoring so I had moved down to the office couch. I heard her turn on lights, and get breakfast and such. When she came into the dark office to turn on the computer (to check her face book farm of course!) I was laying there on the couch, and I said calmly "Boo".

You would have thought I lit that girl on FIRE! She LEAPT across the room and screamed, and THEN came and hit me! Saying "mama...that'smybiggestfeareveryouscaredmetodeath!!!!!!!"

O. M. G. I honestly wasn't trying to scare her, I was trying to let her know I was there and I just said boo to be funny, but I didn't say it in a scary way!

Anyways it was THE funniest thing I have seen in a LONG time:)

WINTER GETAWAY-Looks like my Mom is willing to take the kids again this year for Mike and I to get away for a few days. (remember last year when we got to go to Cancun for 3 days?) I am busy planning and finding the perfect place, and I "think" I have found it!! Details soon to come!

WHY POTTYTRAIN? Summer looks like she is going to be the hardest nut out of the 4 to crack. She absolutely will NOT go near the potty. She actually laid on the floor the other day in front of Mike and I clutching her crotch and declared that {{and I quote}} "loved peeing in her diaper, and NO NO potty!"

At least we are done with the pacifier?? score one for mom and dad;{