Friday, January 22, 2010

Apparently There Are More People Living Here Than I Thought....

Summer is constantly chattering.


Half of the jabber I can translate for you, and half of it I am at a loss.

One of the things she talks about All the time is my very good friend Malinda. She calls her Lin-a. Jabber, jabber Lina this. Jabber jabber Lina that.

She gets in arguments on her toy cell phone with Lin-a.

I would laugh and tell Malinda of these scenarios, but then I started to noticed that she wasn't saying "Lina". Alot of time she was saying Nina, and I just kind of ignored it.

But she says it SO much I finally stopped ignoring it, and asked her one day when she was in hot dispute over something with Nina, where Nina was?

I thought she would point across the street to Malinda's house.

Instead she pointed to the air right beside her and said "right there!"

Nina, apparently had been Summer's imaginary friend all this time, and we didn't even notice!

{{ can you say uninvolved mom~ugh}}

I have questioned her several times since, and yes Nina is beside her every time!

alrighty then. Four kids and this is new to me! Lol.