Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinner With Friends

Last night was a rare treat. Mike and I went out with very dear friends of ours. We try to get together with them after the rush of the holidays. We purposely do this so we can enjoy ourselves. And OH we do:)
We pick a fantasticly fancy restraunt and get all dressed up. We meet them and drink and eat the night away. It is glorious! We had SO MUCH FUN! We laughed the whole night.
Robin and Dan were next door neighbors of ours for EIGHT years. They have seen the good the bad and the ugly side of us, (and STILL love us) and us them. Robin has seen me pregnant three times and is the Godmother of Matthew. She has been my confidant, my walking partner, and my friend. For five years now we have not lived beside each other, and I miss her terribly.
How good it felt to be with her again. The men laughed, and we caught up and before you knew it was late! The night was over!

Thanks so much guys for a terrific night! Love you:)