Thursday, January 14, 2010

Now You're Taking Away All My Fun

My Husband is hard to get. His goat that is.

We love to tease each other, and to wrestle, but when it comes to physical strength, hands down he wins. Every time.

Not that that doesn't fuel me EVEN more! And I die trying. I don't know when to stop. I tackle him with full fury and eventually I have to pull the girl card and cry or get hurt or something.

He wins.

We have fun doing this. Don't get me wrong. We love to play.

Now another thing you should know is through the years I did find ONE vice to give me leverage. My husband under NO circumstances can have his belly button touched. Weird huh? I swear just talking about it puts him into a cold sweat. If you can get in that area it is like an electric SHOCK to him. He leaps away and screams. Can. not. take. it.

So of course I use this whenever I can!

He hates me for it.

Now years ago like 1998 when it was just Tatum and Jake I came down the hall one Saturday and found my husband laying on the floor.

Grey. Ashen. Moaning.

Dying I thought! Heart attack? Appendix burst?? What Happened???

We rushed to the hospital and it ended up that he had a hernia (fyi...a hernia is a tear in your muscle wall where your insides fall through the hole and it hurts.) THAT SPOT! Right above his bellybutton. Sweet Mother of Mary. He layed in wreathing pain and with out any warning the Doctor gently took his fingers and "POPPED" his innards back through the muscle tear.


But.....then he felt better! It was all better!~

The doctor said we would have to have surgery to have that tear fixed so that doesn't keep happening. That they would put like a "screen" in.

So we big deal.

Through the years, Mike has been delicate about "don't touch my screen!" but I laugh it off and poke at his belly. We have continued to play and wrestle. For Pete's Sake he goes to the gym and does crunches and slaps out pizza dough like a maniac. forward to this month. I recognized a grey ashen moaning man one night.

Crap. "Do you think it is the same problem??" I asked?? We went to bed knowing in the morning we would go to the hospital if needed.

But he woke up fine!

So he did go for a yearly and get checked out. They did an MRI, and guessed it.

It's back. It's torn.

He tells me I did it.

Nothing like a surgery to take away all your fun.

Darnnit. Looks like I'm going to have to come up with another way to get his goat :(