Friday, January 1, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New

That was a favorite saying of my mom's, and now that I type it down I find it funny being that she saves everything.

Being a New Year and all it seems very appropriate, but over here it has much more meaning because we are {{trying}} really hard to embrace the newness of all the change that technology has brought us.

We had a big of a trouble with our email service (they decided to END) and had to switch our email address (horrifying when you have a business). But to me I was convinced this was the end of my blog. This was intertwined so deep it seemed into my blog. It was my user name, it was how I would comment on all of your blogs, it seemed all so complicated!

I had to call in the BIG DOGS. (Lacey from Don't Make Drugs aka mad scientific genius). I swear we worked on this for hours. We laughed. We cried (literally) and we {{almost}} erased the blog at one point. We fought four kids coming into the office (on my end), and a gaming boyfriend battling kettlefish (on her end) throughout.

I went to bed with it kindof fixed.

Godbless Lacey, she continued to work on it, and when I woke up it was **fixed!!**

Kindof! (please let me know if any of you experience trouble and what kind)


My New email address is....

and of course my blog is

IF you try to link back to me from an old comment dating before 12/30/09 it will take you to the OLD profile page and there will be NO blog to click onto:(

Any comments from 12/30/09 on you can come back to me.

The same with anybody that I followed. The old address follows you. I will have to follow you again now with my new address. Will you mind my mug up there twice on your blog???? If you are funny about numbers I won't click on you again.

Gosh....Sorry this was a technical post...blugh!

Any ways...How was your NEW YEARS!!!

We had wonderful family friends over!

Summer latched on tightly to my friend Cindy ( her godmother ) and took her off several times, Lol. To her room, to the basement. We had to keep calling "Cindy are you okay?? Do you want us to come get you??" Summer was loving on her!
Tatum of course loved having Lindsey here (her BEST FRIEND from childhood) and Lindsey got to stay the night.
Matthew spent the evening with friends, so we had a great time playing games and just enjoying the older one...
We laughed and ate, and drank, and watched the Ball drop. It was a great start to 2010!