Tuesday, December 29, 2009

GoodBye 2009

As we enter into a new decade, I pause, (or gasp) as I realize how fast time is flying by. As much as I embrace the new and look forward to the future I always love to look back. What a year it has been. Full of ups and downs and twists and turns.

Look at how little that face was! In JANUARY 2009 we started off the New Year with much sickness with Summer and decision to get surgery for her ears. Tubes did the trick and that baby has not had ONE ear infection since! We are so thankful that all went well and she is such a healthy little girl now.

In February Mike and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary together. We took our first trip ever alone (thanks to my wonderful Mom!) to Cancun, Mexico for 3 days. We rode horses in the ocean, got couple massages, and drank and ate ourselves silly.

In Ohio it snowed and iced and in my own world, things slipped a little. I lost what I thought at the time was a best friend, and in has been a year long process to recover. It shook me so that I lost ground with my issues with anxiety and spiraled to a place I haven't been in years. I have fought my way back, and at times it seems still climbing out of that pit, but with my faith and family and friends to fall back on, I know I am strong and can do it.

In March I turned 34 and Summer turn 2. Mike bought his third Pizza Store, and has turned it into a profitable success.

In April Tatum with other High School students slept outside in cardboard boxes to raise homeless awareness,
and we added two new kittens to our brood, and Mike turned 45.
May brought grandma's pool opening up,
and a wedding....
and Matty turned EIGHT!

In June we took a trip downtown to see Dora LIVE!,

Daddy saved the worlds biggest frog,
and we visited our cousin Nat in Cherokee, North Carolina:)
I tried my hand at photography with these shots with my new camera in July.

And we had a family campout at my mom's house for 3 days. (my brother Tim driving a pontoon boat)
and that bled through to the hot days of August.
In September Summer started Dance...
Jake started his 2nd year of football, and Matt started swim team.
Tatum attended her first dance...Homecoming.
Jake turned twelve.
And we said goodbye to summer with a family trip to Myrtle Beach.
My Tatum had her sweet sixteen in October.
And learned to drive!
And Summer took being a cat literally.
November brought chilly weather and a chance for family pictures. Summer took a HUGE step and gave up her pluggy (pacifier ).

And before I could blink it was December...
I can not wait to see what the next year will bring. I have been blessed with a strong and loving mate to walk this life with. I have an incredibly supportive and loving mom who is my rock. I have four amazing kids that exhaust me terribly every day, but enthrall me just the same, and who I love to pieces and am so excited that I get to watch grow up. I have the most wondrous creator who loves me for me, and who I want more than anything to please, and I will strive to do so every day.
Bring on Twenty-Ten!