Saturday, December 26, 2009

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Or Crazy.

Or a little wound up on getting organized.

I get this way every year.

The day after Christmas. I look at all this stuff. The presents. The wrappings. The garbage. The old that needs to be replaced with the new that we have now received. The piles galore. The decorations. (yes I said decorations...they no longer look pretty. They now become my enemy in my goal of staying afloat of this house. they are now seen as my enemy.)

I also have always had this deep rooted sorrow that Christmas is over, and it's almost like a band-aide. Rip it off and it won't hurt as bad.

Everything must get in order!

Today it innocently started with the staircase banister. The flowers, the lights, the garland. Packaged up neatly for next year. The storage closet in the basement was a disaster with us tearing it apart all month for decorations, so I began reorganizing it. Slowly the cards were peeled off the back of the door, and the pictures placed in the albums. Bins were brought up for all the other decor, and soon all that was left was the tree.

The Tree.

I sheepishly asked Mike if he thought it was okay if I went on and took it down today. He of course gasp like a woman, and looked horrified at me. Although this man knows me too well ( I admit there was a year I took the tree down on Christmas lie) He told me how I needed to keep it up a little longer.

So halfway through my basement cleaning out the decor closet/crazy/putting away Christmas presents/sorting through messy house/starting dishwasher for the third time/driving Tatum to the mall I couldn't take it anymore, and took down the tree.


Now don't be hatin.

We all gotta do what get's us through. And we had a glorious December enjoying and anticipating our holiday.

Now it's done.

Nice and neat:)

Okay...I may have some issues.

Thank goodness Christmas only comes once a year:)