Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit With the Big Guy

(if you have my music turned down low or off you really should turn it on....this is the most awesome Christmas song ever! I found it the other day remade by the Barenaked Ladies)

The time had come to visit the man in Red. The man with the toys. The guy up North.


With all of my kids this has usually turned into an almost dreaded event. I try. They cry. We come home with a picture of them hysterical. I hope they aren't damaged for years to come.

Summer last year proved to follow in her siblings footsteps. (see this post).

So I didn't really have high hopes. But hope I had dammit! I am a mother still you know.

We dressed her in her finest and build her up with lots of "Santa talk".
We waited in line and watched others...

We got pep talks from Grandma....
we shone like a STAR!!
(no smile... but we did whisper to Santa that we wanted a Mermaid:)
and then we got a prize...a coloring book from the Big Guy himself!

On the way home my mom and I heard Summer singing to herself. Her little song was "I Love Santa ".