Thursday, December 10, 2009


***As of late, Summer's main game during the day is tag. (her version involves no actual tagging, just to say "you're it" and buddy you. are. it.) (arguing is moot. She can go all day. You say "you're it" back...which she delights in by the way... and she chimes right back attcha with another "you're it"). She does it to divert your attention. She does it to be funny. She does it to be rotten. But all day long she pipes in with "you're it!"
Sometimes it is funny, and sometimes it gets old.
But the other night, she feel asleep on our bed, and as I moved her to her bed, her limp unconscious body hung. I tucked her in, and as I pulled the covers up, her little eyes fluttered long enough for her to say in her sleep "you're it Mom."
She wins.
I laughed all the way out of the room:)

***Tonight as I was giving Summer her bath, I had her leaning back into my hand so I could wash out the shampoo. Her little rump was floating up, and her back was arched. I asked her to lean her head back more, so I could get all of the soap out. As she did her little rump floated up even more and so did her legs, loose in the water. She was floating, balanced just by my hand holding her head. She looks up at me in wonderment and says "I"M A MERMAID MOM! I"M A MERMAID!!!!!"

***Having a 16 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter is quite a jump. Aye, but they are STILL sisters and still behave like them. Tatum was distraught over the fact that Summer had used up all the hot water in the "mermaid' bath and as Summer ran around naked on my bed, Tatum told her what a rat she was and blew a raspberry at her. Summer sensing the disgust directed towards her ran up to to Tatum (eye level...remember she is on my bed) and SPIT. ON. HER. FACE.

Oh no she di'n't.

I had to intercede quickly before Tatum killed her.

We are teaching Summer of course that that is NOT acceptable, but she is two, and Tatum is 16 and wanted SO bad to spit back! Oy! Girls!