Sunday, December 13, 2009

The NOT Progressive Dinner

I'm NOT going to tell you about the evening we hosted last night, cause it really wasn't a neighborhood progressive dinner. We tried that a couple years ago and it proved too hard, so this time we just did the appetizer house (my house) and dessert house (my friend Amy's house).

The last time we did it I was pregnant with Summer and it took me 3 years...T.h.r.e.e. years to want to take it on again. I'm not going to tell you part of it was because our neighbor showed up with a cardboard box filled with hard liquor, and since I was pregnant, was one of the only surviving sober witnesses to the whole wild evening. I also don't dare tell you that my husband was the highlight of the drunken adventure, and has been the main character in some of the horrid stories. The night ended with me peeling him off the floor and my pregnant body dragging his butt home:)

I certainly am not going to bring up the fact that I cleaned for four days. I decorated the staircase, and house. I had candles, I had Dean Martin playing, I had a punchbowl with eggnog, I had crock pots, and platters of food. And then didn't take a. single. picture. Not one. You will just have to believe me when I tell of the awesomeness I whipped up.

I most DEFINITELY am NOT going to tell you that my husband made very good friend with Captn Jack Morgan mixed with vanilla coke, and told every one all night long that "this was his new drink", and then proceeded to to throw up off my neighbor's porch by 11:30.

Thank God it rained all night.

That's okay, I was ready to come home anyways:)

But I WILL TELL YOU....I got the AWESOMEST ornament in the ornament exchange!!!

( The Leg Lamp - From "The Christmas Story")