Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day With Mike

Today Mike took off of work, and together we set out and conquered the kids Christmas list. My mom came over and stayed and with Summer, and after the older three got on their bus's for school we set out.

How rare it is that Mike and I are alone together. Much less for hours at a time. It felt so good just to be with him. We had fun buying presents, and stopping for lunch. We laughed at stupid stuff, and just stopping to buy and try on jeans for him was fun. We both crammed in the dressing room, and I saw him in a light I haven't seen in a while. (always to tired/busy/moody/mean) I remember feelings I felt when I first dated him. It felt nice.

We came home with an overflowing car, and he did my daily regime (dentist appt. for boys, Matt's swimming, pick up Tatum from work), so I could hole myself up in our bedroom and WRAP!

It was a great day. I don't have enough of these days. I don't have enough of him. I sure do love what I can get:)