Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I haven't been able to post in awhile, due to just the sheer weight of life around here.

Sure it is usually busy. But this was different. This was "getting by". This seemed to be dealing with life minute to minute. What came at me as it came.

Mike is finally doing better and starting to get around. I'm not going to lie. The first few days were rough. The first day we debated whether to stay the night in hospital or not, and after prolonging our outpatient stay more than normal, many doses of morphine and anti-inflamitories, he thought that with the aid of a wrap around his middle he could make it home. This probably was mistake number one.

I already was juggling a missed event for Matty at school (a party to honor him by meeting his family), I was on the cell throwing together a friend and my daughter to meet him up there. I was trying to get money in the bank and fill his prescriptions for pain. All around this time my mom had to go home (aka Summer is now in my charge). I got Mike settled and as the night progressed so did his pain. Really really badly. I had now been up for 24 hours straight.

I put a call into the Dr and they filled another prescription for even stronger pain killers that they said if they didn't help we needed to bring him back to the hospital. Between filling that, and ice packs would be when the throwing up started. Imagine your stomach held together by glue and you are now vomiting.

So now he is about dehydrated. One more call to the Dr. One more run to the pharmacy for nausea medicine and new pain killers. Ice packs, puke bowls, a swim meet (make that a home meet so you know I had to volunteer at it...oh and contribute a snack...ugh), poopy diapers, homework, dinner, laundry, one basketball game, and did I mention that I tried to eat and sleep in there somewhere. {{sigh}}

He is finally able to get up and out of the chair by himself without me having to support him. He is walking around now and tending to things himself. He has been working at his desk and even "trying" to pick up his guitar. Bless his heart.

There definitely has been irritation of control and Independence and emotion. We all are trying our best. He doesn't like to not be able to do things. I don't want him to break Dr's orders. We both are ready for him to be back to normal:)

Thanks to all for the well wishes. Yes he freaked out a little when he found out they took his "button"! The funniest part was I told him right away after surgery, so he was heavily medicated I guess, and "forgot!" He had to relive it when I told the kids! He was like WWwwhhaattt?!?!?!

Here are some adorable shots I took of Summer with her kitten Alice. She just dotes on her. She loves when Alice reciprocates:)