Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Man And His Island

When I was a girl in school, I was very well behaved. I did everything possible NOT to cause a ripple. I liked attention coming my way as long as that attention was positive. I could not how ever handle negative attention directed my way and avoided it at ALL costs.

When I was a kid if you were to get in trouble at school you would get your NAME ON THE BOARD.

Oh. My. Sweet. Mother.

Not that.

I would rather the earth open up and swallow me to the bellows of hell. (well, not really, but in my 8 year old mind it was really really bad!)

Some kids had their name on the board almost every day it seemed! (they were the bad kids!) And if you really were wanting the Scarlett letter sewn to you, you would get THE CHECK MARK next to your name.

Good Night.

I avoided these things at all costs. I did not want to embarrass myself that way. I could not imagine a phone call to my parents. My face would have turned a deep deep crimson.

I actually a time or two in my childhood did have my name on the board, and yes it was mortifying to me, but yes I lived.

This was just my personality. During my teenage years I rebelled hard to break away from such goodness.


Out of my kids, Tatum has pretty much followed suit of me. She doesn't WANT to get in trouble. She avoids at all cost. She's pretty much on the up and up. The only difference (and a really good one at that) is that she is much more confidant in herself and stands up for herself when she doesn't want something. That girl ain't afraid to say no.

Jake doesn't LIKE to get in trouble (who does, right?) , but I swear trouble finds that boy. I am still working on a definition on him....

But this post is about Matthew. I am writing about him because we just got back from yet (another) parent teacher conference on him. He is a unique one I will tell you.

In that classroom, if you are disrupting others, or not working well, the teacher will MOVE your desk AWAY from your pod of students you are sitting with. Kind of as a warning. Kind of like your name on the board. To me this very visual display that would be quite embarrassing. I would NOT want my desk separated and known as the outcast. (in the classroom they call it your island). When you have behaved well enough after several days you get invited to get off your island and join your group again.

Matthew on the other hand has taken an entirely different view. These other students disrupt HIM. He has asked the teacher to be able to move his desk AWAY from them. He wants his own island.

When we went to the meeting there were all the desks in clusters, and LOL, there was Matthew far in the corner at his island.


At least he knows what works for him? Build me up here people.

I should have known, he did this last year too with his 2nd grade teacher. Asked to be moved AWAY from the group.

They disrupt him you know:) A man has to have some peace!