Sunday, February 7, 2010

Show Me Some Leg

Who is that masked pink bandit?? She looks like she is up to NO good... (she isn't)
Summer was HILARIOUS looking the other day storming the streets on her pink motorcycle with her plaid leg warmers on...
She had just enough thigh hanging out to make both Mike and I giggle...
It was one of those winter days in Ohio, where it was in the high 30's and the sun was out, so you felt like it was SPRING! I literally threw on flip flops with my jeans for this quick outting! (I know weeks of teen degree weather does crazy things to you:)
Summer and I was feeling the sun and enjoying the rays!
See-YA!...(the girl had 'tude!~)

and I also got some awesome closeup shots of her that day I wanted to show you...Yay! Here they are :)