Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter GetAway~It's Happening!!!

I'm SOOO excited! Yesterday, while we had the chance (being out on our date for our anniversary) we took the time and used it to sit down with a travel agent and book our trip! I was getting worried that maybe we wouldn't get to do it, with Mike's recovery and all. My mom had given us dates she would stay with the kids (Yes~the 2nd year, and she's back for more...I can't believe it! Isn't she the best!) and we were approaching that time so quick I was afraid we were going to miss out.

We tried to be adventurous and look into different places than where we went last February (Cancun), but it ended up not working. Everywhere we looked the travel time really was so much!! I had my heart set on St Lucia, I saw it on the Bachelor and it looked SO LUSH and GORGEOUS, but 2hours to Atlanta...4 and half hours to St. Lucia, THEN 2 Hours on bus through the mountains....we just couldn't do that for a 3 day trip! no...Definitely SOMEDAY when we can go for a week or so! But we are going to be lucky to milk 2 solid days out of this so travel time is important. We looked at Aruba, and Jamaica, and the same thing.

So right next to Cancun is the Riviera Mayan area and they looked perfect for what we were wanting. Last years trip was perfect, and it is almost the same as that resort, but still a little different so we also can experience new things.

It still is all inclusive! Awesome. It is still adults only. I could cry. Beautiful. Annnnddd the part the is a new exciting experience...........

How cool is that?!?! I have never heard of that before! I am so psyched!
So, we leave in 3 weeks! I know! Holy Cow! Travel Day on Sunday. Enjoy Monday and Tuesday. Fly back and assume reality Wednesday. This will SO tye me over till spring!!!