Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How NOT to Do the Super Bowl

So on Sunday, Mike and I took advantage of his days off from work and went to look at Flip Flop Sofa's at the furniture store. We have been studying up on what to do with our office. It has an old beat up couch in there that is useless and unbearable to try to sleep on. With all of our bedrooms and beds being taken, on nights that Mike snores or something, the other one has no where to go. With his surgery this month, this has become a HUGE problem because 1.) he snores like an earthquake, and now he can't turn over on his side (which helps him not snore as bad) 2.) Summer comes to our bed in the middle of the night which now, the two of them can NOT be in bed together for fear of her pounces on his stomach 3.) If I can't sleep with a snorer...and I can't sleep on a crappy couch...okay LET'S say I could sleep on a crappy couch...NOW I have to sleep on it with a two year old?? or make the surgery guy sleep on the crappy couch??

ANYWAYS!! Long story short. We found one. A flip flop couch that is. And on the drive home I mentioned to Mike about what should we do with the old crappy couch. He said we might as well try to put it in the basement for the kids.

Well the only problem with that is HE can't do any lifting. At least anything that is over 20 lbs.

So Tatum, Jake and I rolled up our sleeves. And proceed to huff and puff and get the couch as stuck as stuck could be.

3/4 of it fit through. Just not the remaining 1/4. Yes, we took off foot pedals. Yes we turned it on it's side. Yes we lifted it at an angle. (believe me, we had the supervision of Mike)

We JUST kept pushing believing it HAD to fit. WE WERE ALMOST THERE

We shredded the door's siding and dented the heck out of wall boards. There was NO TURNING BACK.

But there was no going forward.

Some of my children were upstairs. Some were down. At one point Jake crawled through the basement window and walked throughout the snow, the situation was so desperate.

By the time we decided to retreat, it WOULDN"T BUDGE.

And Mike couldn't do a thing to help.


He realized his guitars were down there.....and he had no access to them. Oh Hell to the no!!

Next thing I know the man had a hatchet!!
When I smelled smoke from the circular saw, I frantically called neighbors to help me. You try finding men to help during the freaking Super bowl!!

We can laugh now. Cause that brown bastard is sitting on the curb. At the time it was SO not funny.
Now who played that day again?? Geesh...I'll never catch up..:)