Monday, February 22, 2010

What The Heck!

What The HECK!

Tatum uses that term all the time.

So much now that Summer has started to say it.

It not only is very very odd coming out of a two year olds mouth, it is very funny when she says it with such vigor.

After Tatum and Lindsey's high the other night of Winter formal, they woke up I guess still not with it out of their system. With their hair still spilling all over in left over curls and in their teenage youth of no sleep hardly and no showers, slipped clothes on and shoved pancakes into theirs mouths and went on an adventure that I can only define as "what the heck!"

Mike and I stood in the driveway in our pajamas and just had to laugh....
Farmville is my Life
Lindsey H's butt turns me on!
P.S. we're single
We is sexy
Lindsey and Tatum 4 ever
Seniors 2012
I heart Lindsey fo sho

Tatum's car is hott

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