Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dress Dilema

Tatum's Winter Dance is coming up, and two dresses have been bought. That's okay since we have a family cruise this summer with my mom and brother's family. Both dresses will be put to use! But we need your votes on which one you like the best.

(Remember Mom...if you don't comment...your vote doesn't count!! :)

Tatum's Choice....Dress A.

There is a cute little tied bow that doesn't show up in the picture. My concern is it is short. VERY short, and this is a High School Dance. But we DO have cute heels to match

My Choice...Dress B...

This dress IS going to need a pair of heels bought, but my point was it was more Beyonce -vrs- Mariah Carey, you know...just a little more class.

So be totally HONEST!!! Choice A...the black or Choice B the steel grey. Either way she will be beautiful, and either way both dresses will get used, so it's all good! What do YOU think??