Friday, February 12, 2010

Projects Beware~ The Office!

The New Klik Klak Sofa Came!! I am SO excited :) After all we went through getting rid of the awful brown couch (don't know the story??? read here) it was such a prize to see that furniture truck pull up with something new!

It's not every day you get new furniture, so it was big excitement in our house. Even 8 year old Matty dropped his school bag when he came home and laid on it, saying "ahhh...I LOVE the smell of new furniture!"

To everyone questioning what a Klick Klack Sofa is kind of like a futon. It has 3 positions it goes in. The seat lifts for storage of blankets and pillows.

Here is an example of one (not ours) folded down for the sleep position). The BEST PART (especially for our rascal kids) is there are NO REMOVABLE CUSHIONS! This has always been a huge problem in are house. Maybe this will keep things seem more streamline.

I updated a frame too over the sofa and am so happy I did! I know you probably recognized alot of these pictures from my blog. But I don't have updated ones in my house! I love it!

The biggest project was working on cleaning and organizing the shelves. Having a business office in your home is MESSY! It really was so bad! The top basket there is mainly just for cords! We cleared out SO much. it feels great. Now of course you can see off to the sides there is still work to be done!

Bad News~ Garbage Night came and since the big snow, the garbage men blew off taking the ice encased chainsawed brown couch. I called, and the lady assured me that they would get it next week. That they just didn't want to deal with it in all that snow....Um news flash. It is 10 degrees today. That snow is NOT going anywhere by next week. Until then we LITERALLY look like the Clampetts.
Good News~ When Mom came over this week she added the cutest little owl to Summer's tree! She loves showing it off! See :)