Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Formal


Tonight was the night for the High School's Winter Formal Dance. Tatum and a group of friends went. They just left in a flurry moments ago full of excitement.

Lol~You can she the dress she chose...the votes were overwhelming for the grey one I liked, but she stuck to her guns and wore the black. It really doesn't matter who voted what...she looked stunning...

They had plans of dinner and the dance and then out for shakes. She got to take her best friend from our old neighborhood. It was really special to Tatum that she got to come, because Lindsey came for Tatum's 16th birthday and missed her own school's Homecoming Dance, just to be there for Tatum's bday.

They went and got their hair done, before the others came and then even cut out time for good old mom to have a photo shoot:)


okay...they were getting kind of goofy by here....
Friend Cole arrives...
"Oh Charlie" (like Charlie Angels, lol)

I hope you have a GREAT NIGHT my girls!