Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Karma is a Bitch

{{ Complete and total disclaimer....this title is WORDS only. It is SO fitting for the post. But my very very wonderful loving sweet niece's name is Karma, and of course implies NO reference to her whatsoever. I love my Karma SOMUCH! This Karma talked about in hereafter, well... nosomuch...)

When I met Mike, SAW Mike. I was in love. I know that sounds stupid. It really sounds overused and not truly REAL, but it IS what happened. Like I was shot with cupids jolt and never looked back.

Good thing, because the adult me, the more cautious, and SMART me, would have known how careless and stupid and against the odds it was what we did! I was in High School. He was almost 30! I was a teenager. He had lived life with marriage and states and jobs. I lived at home with my parents, and he held a full time job and had supported himself for years.

When I dig deeper at the time frame, I get even more amazed. In November we started dating, by December, engaged, by January, pregnant, by February married, by March I turned 18, by May I was graduating High school. Through all of this....if you would of asked me where I wanted to be....with love glazed eyes, I would not have hesitated and said with him.

I Know this had to be hard on my parents, but it didn't seem like it was THAT big of a deal. A little glitch, and over time, Mike and I proved ourselves, and soon he didn't become the 28 year old man, but just MIKE. My family loved him.

I proudly preached through the years that age was just a number, and when I looked at him I didn't see anything but my best friend. Honest to goodness, love is blind.

My daughter is starting to fall head over heals.

She will be 18 in October.

That means she is only 17.

He is 26.

That is only an 8 year difference, and I have done nothing but try to see the awesome wonderful person he is. (and he really really is pretty awesome!)

I would be a total hypocrite if I did anything else.

But today's time's with the social network and all there is so much more in your face.

And I am not known for my thick skin.

And this time I am not the one "Blinded" by love.

This hurts.

I want nothing more than my children to be happy and healthy and succeed at what the desire. To work hard and to Love God.

Please kind.