Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Boys Room MakeOver

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This room has been festering. Growing and festering and harboring mess beyond what I wanted to think about, so I didn't. And I'm afraid it got out of hand.

First problem is TWO boys SHARE it. Shared space. Gah.

Second problems is two BOYS share it. I can not tell you how long it took to gut it. Or some of the things I found once deep IN to it.
My strategy was to eliminate Two headboards, Two foot boards and go with stream line frame beds to make more room. To eliminate an entire dresser by building shelves in the closet. To open it up and build a nice place to sleep, store their stuff, and have a gaming center. On top of the....DECORATE. The theme....beach...ahhh....
Pottery Barn matching beds and changed the navy walls to chocolate and sand.

recycled their navy letters by spray paint and built individual shelfs
crackle painted old shutters and hung by their window to give a beach feel
painted planks of wood for decor

Ikea table for organizing games

Ebay got us a sweet surfboard
New ceiling fan...NOT white ;)
shelves in the closet
area rug for wear and tear

Finished Room!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Whew!