Friday, February 3, 2012

Papa Daddy

Today the Preschools Young 5's Class had a visitor! Someone not only to show them how to make pizza and let them slap out their own dough. Nor not only Summer's dad. It was a genuine pizza party guy!

Mike did great with the kids. Lol...he told them his apron could be turned around and be a cape , but he also used it to keep the flour off of his clothes.

This here is Summer's proud but don't want to show it smile....

each kid got their own dough ball to try to slap out. Mike didn't hold back and threw it down to each child :)

LOL...I think he picked the quietest little guy to have stand up and literally THROW in the air and try to catch his flying dough...HE DID!

They had a good time with the pounding out part!

It was a success! Group shot!