Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Rest of Antigua

 On the beaches of Antigua, it is law that all beaches are open to everyone.  None can be private.  This meant as soon as you crossed the fence line of our resort the beauty of the county was free for all.  This was neat in the aspect that many people came during the day to sell their goods and we met alot of neat people.  Mike made friends with Daryl, a man who had been homeless for 15 years, but had such a positive outlook and wisdom.  They sat one morning and talked for over an hour while Daryl made jewelery.
 One evening we took our suits off for an Asian dinner.

 But mostly we swam and drank and read, and ate!

 We were surrounded by weddings going on, with was neat to watch beach side :)
 And ventured off one day to try to snorkel, but only found THOUSANDS of jellyfish!!!

 We even gave a hand at wake boarding, but LOL...that proved to be hard work for the not hardworking people of the week.  Poolside suited us better!
 There were some activities going on around the resort...

 but mainly peaceful beauty!

 These metal circles were to help the coconut trees to grow straight.

 There was a quaint little town square in the resort to get espresso and baked goods that we stopped at daily.

 And stray cats roamed the resort:)  This I loved!  Feeding them tidbits from dinner and snacks!