Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Summer

In a nutshell summer of 2012 was full.  Here are just some hightlights for us to remember!

Summer~ Vacation Bible School~ the one up the street she loves to attend.  She went every night herself.  She sang and made crafts, made friends and went to the big carnival at the end where mom and dad even attended church with her
~Kindergarten Readiness ~ a program through her preschool she attended with old preschool buddies.  Just to get out on these long summer days to get her ready for the upcoming school year!
~The Library reading club ~ she earned herself her yearly shirt and water bottle, and checked out cool books with mom
~ learned to ride a two wheeler!!!
~learned to swim and jump in the deep end all by herself!!

Matthew~ Football Camp~ 5 evenings of fun and getting back in the groove of football.  The shirt you earn at the end of the week is the bomb to show off
~Camp Kern!~  a week away from home, in a cabin with a best friend.  Archery, swimming, campfires, zip lining, shooting range, and major game time!!

Tatum~Graduate from HIGH SCHOOL!~ AHHHH
~ Ankle surgery, and Wisdom teeth removal...Omgeez...what a summer
~Kings Island, boyfriend, friends, work, and getting ready for college

Jake~ ummm. yeah.  time off.  sleep.  video games. forced chores.  and yeah. sleep. lol

We had a Kings Island pass but didn't make it there too much.  Fourth of July at my moms like always, and our family vacation to Myrtle Beach.  Grill Outs, and paint balling, Mike went and had many guitar gigs.  We finally finished the back to come!, and got basement windows put in.