Friday, September 13, 2013


Last Night, Van was telling me how he thought he would never call me Bec. Just wasn't his MO. Lol. He would always call me Becky. My marine guy cracks me up. I laid in bed last night and thought of my two worlds I live in. The one now I am embracing and the one I knew, and I thought of how big nicknames always were before. My kids all have them. Mike was king of making up silly names for them and they have stuck through the years. Tatum was Winterlou. Lou Lou Bell. Lou. In a store to this day, if you say Lou, her head will pop up. Jake's was JoJO which I think we call him that more now than we do his real name sometimes :) Matthew's was Finbar or Fin after a stupid cartoon shark that Mike and Matt saw in a movie. Really Mike is the only one that calls him this, but we all know who he is talking about if it is said. And Summer is Summercat. Or Catly. or Catgirl. Or just Cat. Oh, and I had one too. At first in our young years of marriage I was mad about it. It was after the movie Nell. You know the one with Jodi Foster about the woman found in the woods that comminicated crazy, lol. One of the phrases she said all the time was Chickabee. Crazy 90's movie. He called me Chicka. or Chickbee. It's been over a year since I've called that. I guess some of these names will stick with the kids and some won't. (Let's hope Finbar doesn't :) It's neat to look back though