Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Me

It has been a long process to get to this point! Whew. I know everyone keeps saying, Gosh! You have all the kids in school, how is it?!?! But to tell the truth, it is not like ripping off a band aide...not immediate results. This is a long drawn out process, that is wonderful and busy but certainly not immediate. This IS the year that all four are out of the house at once and I for the first time in almost two decade do not have someone in my care! But, Lol, it has almost been a tapered deprogramming session to get to the real experience of what that is like.

On Tuesday (August 24th) Jake was the first to start school. Jr High. 7th grade. He is doing so awesome, his dad and I can hardly believe it. Getting up at 6 am is no easy task!

On Wednesday (August 25th) Tatum was the next to go. Junior in High School. 11th grade. How did this happen. I must have blinked.

On Thursday (August 26th) Matt started 4th grade. He got a WONDERFUL teacher this year, and with new glasses to help with his tracking disorder, we are hoping for positive GOOD year!

After a weekend of a fishing derby (Matt), volunteer at the Free Store (me), special day with grandma (Summer), Work (Tatum), bonfire (Tatum), and general catch up, on Monday August 30th Summer started PRESCHOOL! No tears and alllll smiles!

Day one...I got a pedicure and a milkshake. It didn't feel as much as a break as I hoped and dreamed and hoped and dreamed. I ran to the grocery, did the ledger, picked Jake up from Cross Country, and before could set my purse down, Mike and Tatum both were at the house (my private house...wahhh!) the whole time and I was new at this....
Honestly with alll the paperwork for 4 schools, medical release forms, picture days, the rigorous cross country schedule, keeping up just with catching buses, writing lunch checks, clean clothes, food in the house, and my end of business afloat, my head has been spinning. So I didn't even know where to start!

Day two...My mom came over and we after we dropped off Summer we decided to go to Hobby Lobby and redecorate my tv cabinets. They were dusty out of date messes that hadn't' been done in a decade. It was fun! I was warming up!

Day Three and I think I was starting to get broke in. I had decided in my "catch up on life project" that I was going to PAINTEVERYROOM, ceilings and all, and clean the carpets after, meanwhile asses anything needing repair room by room, update, clear out and organize. I was starting with the family room which is cake. Three walls. Not much to it. I had done some of the decorating yesterday! This summer I had purged and really cleaned the room out. I really just had to paint and clean carpets and minor things.

Mike told me he didn't think this was a good idea. There was crown molding that was "crisp". He was afraid I wouldn't edge careful enough. Yada yada yada.
But you know what..this was suppose to be our summer project that never happened. I was going to make it happen.

Bah. I called him halfway through taping the crown molding after taking all the light switches down, buying paint and dropping off Summer at preschool. He laughed at finding out that I really was painting that day. Silly man...

As his business ventures grow bigger and bigger, and his nights out playing guitar increase, I realize that no one is asking me to make any major decision or to play background music. I need to do that myself. I am me, and although we ARE a team, Alanis Morrisette says it best as "I believe that one and one make two." I had it wrong in my teenage wisdom.

This is a phase I have never had, and after 17 years it will be liberating. I started to smile. It was as left alone as I have been in a long while. I was on my own plan and okay with it. I cracked open that paint can!