Friday, April 20, 2012

My Funny Jake

***While driving in the car the other day I noticed Jake in the passenger seat, inspecting his face in the visor mirror and PLUCKING hairs off his chin. Pulling them OUT, one by one. I said "JAKE! If you have hair growing on your face, that is normal guy stuff, but you can shave it off. Dad will show you how!"
Jake looks at me in horror, and says "Oh no, I've decided I'm never going to shave, I will pluck all my hair off my face."
This coversation went no where I can tell you as I tried to explain to him what a bad idea that was, and how normal it was for guys his age to start shaving, and OMG....what is wrong with my kid!!! LOL!!!!

***Jake just got rubber bands put on his braces. It is like watching a dog that has a collar strap caught over his mouth. He keeps opening his mouth as big as he can to try to make it snap to break. He says he doesn't want to be constrained.
{{dryly said}} can't constrain him. sigh

***At the chiropractor, part of Jakes's therapy is to have electrical currents flow into his muscles? or nerves...idk, but he lays there with a hot pad and they have these things massage him if you will. His body responds to it at some points by involuntarily moving, like...his shoulders will move or twitch on their own. This in turn makes Jake laugh. It is so funny to watch Jake lay there, face down breaking out in laughter for no reason it seems. I sit in the chair beside him and laugh myself at him! lol!