Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ashley and Tyler's Wedding ((((And my 1st Photo Shoot!))))

My niece's wedding was this past Friday night. Right now, those two are probably enjoying much needed time off and time alone as they take their honeymoon. Ashley looked stunning. And I couldn't find a nicer sweeter guy than Tyler.
And ME, you ask?!?! Oh well SINCE you asked....YES! YES, I did the photography for their wedding (can you believe they trusted me!) And Thank the Good Lord, because I think they turned out all right :) {{whew}}} So I know they are all out of order here....but here you go.....!

(their son one year old AJ center of dance and celebrating)

Yesssss....that one bridesmaid DOES look familiar {{wink}} Tatum was in the wedding!

at grandma's before the ceremony.