Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where I've Been....

Is this picture not breathtaking....

That about sums it up. Summer had her dance recital last weekend and she was beautiful. My friend Lacey took this shot and I could just kiss her. It shows the most precious redbird I know, who got up on stage and shimmied and shook. My past month has been so busy living this loud, full and sweet life...

Well I posted pictures of the wedding....the wedding! That kicked off the summer with a bang! It was literally ON the kids last day of school, on a Friday night...and with me doing the photography and Tatum being a bridesmaid, it was a busy time. But here is a shot of Mike and I after it was all said and done.
A famous land mark in town burnt down...Big Butter Jesus. Google it, if you need to. It may have caused controversy, but I LOVED having this huge statue (62 feet!) of Jesus reaching his arms to heaven. Lightning struck it and it was gone in 15 minutes.... They hope to rebuild.
Arizona came to Ohio! I can't even believe it, but LACEY came! Last minute we were able to have her come! She saw green grass and trees with leaves and {{gasp}} lightning bugs!!! for the first time! It was so fun to have her experience all these things. From humidity (she couldn't believe that her forearms could sweat!) to frozen custard, living with kids, driving around in the swaggar wagon, riding a bike...I showed her all over Ohio.
Matt tried a week at Camp Kern. My baby boy! Overnight. Onthehottestweek EVER!~ He loved it!!!
And it helps to go with your best friend:)
I got my prize from the vintage pearl! Yay! I love my new necklace. I have worn it everyday since. Thanks Trish. It. is. perfect :)
And Father's Day fit in there somewhere....LOL! This heavy heavy boulder now adorns our front yard. 17 years. Whew. It is flying by.
So there....maybe now we are caught up some now?? Aww... I'll still be around. Just not as much. July is looking pretty awesome too....:)