Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leaving for Sunnier Days

The countdown is here! Well actually in MY mind, it has been going on for QUITE awhile now! This Sunday I leave for Arizona! I am packing my single bags up and leaving my world as I know for a quick glimpse of another dimension.
No children or husbands are going with me. No Ohio chill. No life as I know it. For just a brief pause I get to step out of my box and try a completely different atmosphere.
I am going to get to be with my wonderful friend Lacey, who in some ways couldn't be more different than me. This I love about us, our complete contrasts, but yet our bonds that are in common are what pull us together. We will fill our days with adventure (Lacey and Becky style of course....planned, careful, and not too adventurous, lol), photography, animals, books, and laughing. We have a huge marker to cross off one thing on our bucket list...SKY DIVING!!!! {{again...disclaimer....Becky and Lacey way....INSIDE~ in a dome :0 }} And of course Mexican food!
It will fill me up for the year to come. Emotionally, spiritually, physically. (I get to sleep in a bed alone!...no children, alarms, or interruptions) And I get to miss the heck out of my family.

(I think it makes them miss me some too :)