Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When I was a teenager, my main goals of the week was to get through my day at vocational school. Keep my gas tank filled. Not run out of cigarettes. Secure plans with friends for the weekend.

Yes, I was more responsible than you are imagining ... I held a job and was very independant, and yes I was more reckless than you know, I was at a horrible run free age that took me many many places.

I think of this often now that I have a daughter the same age. Because I always knew I would be the cool mom and the one that could "relate". But our weeks are NOT the same. She is not at all like I was.

Sure she tries to keep her gas tank filled. And she holds a job, and her week is filled with friends. But I have never met a kid so grounded. I thought for sure, Karma was going to kick my ass on this one. I think my mother prayed for it.

(don't worry mom...there are 3 kids behind her)

She is awesome in many ways. Not only back then. When she made that 17 year old have to grow up and become a fantastic responsible mom. Slowly. Learning the hard ways sometimes. But now, she has chosen her own way, not the way I ever would of dreamed.

This is her report card. Junior Year. Third Quarter.



American Literature.......A

Advanced Drawing...........A

Honors Pre-Calculus.........B

Problems of Democracy.........A

College Readiness...........A

I am bursting/beaming/ goofy with pride. Aww. Shucks. That's my girl :)